What is TEGG Services?

Through preventative and predictive testing, we are able to provide fast and precise detection of potential electrical hazards and failures.  This proactive approach allows you and your business to diminish business interruption costs, extend the life of your equipment, and reduce both utility costs and life/safety risks.

There are many types of TEGG Services available

          • Infrared thermography

          • Ultrasonic service

          • Voltage & current diagnostics

          • De-energized services

          • Power quality

          • Inspection by licensed electricians

          • Electronic documentation

How we develop a program that is right for you:

We start by learning what is critical to your operation                

            • What is your impact of a power outage?

           •  Are there financial, security or safety risks involved?

           •   What electrical testing/maintenance is in place?

We next complete a comprehensive survey of your electrical distribution system

            • We inventory your components

            • We identify your most critical areas

            • We evaluate its current condition

            • We review our findings and develop recommendations

Together, we will develop a customized maintenance program tailored to fit your needs

            • Cost justification

            • National Fire Protection Agency recommendations

            • Arc Flash recommendations

            • Budgetary constraints

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